ICF Custom Homes

When it comes to energy efficiency and sustainability in new home construction, ICF may be the best option available. If you are considering an energy smart custom home that will be here for the lifetime of your family, you may want to consider ICF.

This custom home located in Memphis, TN is roughly 2500 sqft with a 2.5 ton geothermal unit to heat and cool. The windows are wood clad Jeld-Wen Energy Star rated. A lifetime Marathon water heater is used for the domestic hot water. The attic space is semi-condition with open ceil foam insulation on the rafters and roof decking.

The wall system is FoxBlock with an ICF block thickness of 11.25 inches. The thickness of the wall is partly due to the seismic requirements for the our area.

The cornice and siding are cement fiber material and LP Smart Trim. Both of which have a 50 year manufactures warranty.

The home tested at 0.09 Natural Air Changes per Hour (NACH) which is extremely tight and exactly what we try to accomplish. Based on the testing, we added a fresh air make-up duct to the HVAC system which allows appropriate air turn over for the house and only allows filter air in.